Our approach to research

The BetaCodex movement started as a collaborative research effort, when it was founded a little more than a decade ago. The directors of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table set out to gather knowledge about how real-world organizations had gotten rid of annual planning, and how they did without it, successfully. This original project might well be described as a case-study-based research initative. The movement has since then outgrown its origins as a think tank, but the commitment with insight-gathering and with advancement through deeper understanding of scientific and practical foundations of organizations is still a foundation.

Consequently, there is a strong tradition in the BetaCodex Network to applying scientific research, too.


Research methods

It is important to mention, though, that we do not believe in quantitative empirical research in our field.
There are many reasons why almost all quanitative research in the field os business and management is deeply flawed, or indeed nonsensical. Most importantly, this is due to the fact that in complex systems such as businesses, one can hardly find any stringent "cause-effect" relations. Trying to do is, unfortunately, still common in the field of management research, but it can hardly be called serious, or scientific. So, to make it short, we find that as the validity of quantitative research in the field is so limited, there is not much value in trying.

But there are many other great ways of doing significant scientific research, e.g. based on case studies, through informed reasoning, and through brining different sciences, theories and concepts together. We also find case-based studies related to change projects highly useful.


Target groups

The research topics suggest on this portal and the research projects offered by BetaCodex Network Associates are open to anyone with a serious interest in the BetaCodex (or: Beyond Budgeting) and can, but are not limited to, serve as topics for academic thesis or joint university projects.



Associates who take care of their offered projects can be contacted for any inquiries and support. Further questions regarding the offered project(s) can also be placed within this portal´s online forum. You can also discuss your research ideas with Associates, to advance the project, or gain additional insights. That´s what a community is for.


Formal criteria

With reference to formal criteria contributors can themselves decide wether to comply with scientifically standards or not, but at least a complete reference list should be included. Contributors are free to choose their desired form (text, presentation slides, podcast, video etc.)


Transparency & Licensing

As we are an open source community, we encourage network associates and partners to share as widely as possible.
The BetaCodex Network is working under the "Creative Commons BY SA 3.0" license, and we encourage contributors to license their work under the same license, and to share their work freely with other BetaCodex Network Associates through this portal. For example, contributions can be uploaded into the Associates blog (on this webportal) and/or linked to the online forum.


Financial Funding

Financial funding will be provided through the BetaCodex Network's donations pool, or other sponsors and depends on the specfic project.
Please contact the responsible BetaCodex Network Associate for this issue.


Offering of new projects

Network Associates who wish to offer their own projects or seek contributors to an existing project can contact xxx to include their project into the open project section or immediately place an offer or a search into the portal's market place.
BBTN Marketplaces for projects offers or searches:

If you are interested in suggesting projects that are currently not offered as open research projects, then please let others know about your idea, in the online forum.