"Leadership for Transformation" Workshops

You want to get into a transformation.

You are convinced of advantages that a broad use of the BetaCodex mindset would bring to your organization.

You might have already started to talk about BetaCodex to a couple of people from your organization and found out that they are also open-minded with regards to the idea.

Or you stil want to involve an initial nucleus of people, to get the idea across to them.

You feel you don't need further courses or much further conceptual explanation, and you are confident to Make it Real!, now, together with the people in your organization. What you want to know now is how to get started.

If this description fits to you, then a BetaCodex "Leadership for Transformation" workshop are the right format for you.


Characteristics of the workshop:

  • Duration: Usually, a workshop like this demands around two days of the participant group´s time.
  • Participants: May include the top management group of the organization, plus individuals with strong informal networks, plus employee representatives (if applicable), plus other individuals. Overall, this is about getting a group of people on board, who jointly can move a step forward and invite the organization to start transformation. Defining the list of participants should be done in collaboration with the facilitators/consultants
  • Group size: typically, between 12 and 25 people
  • Facilitation: Two consultants recommended. At the end of the second day, individual positioning from all participants is expected.
  • Location and fees: will depend greatly on your needs.
  • More information: Read the papers in the "paper" section of this portal, or read the "Our iceberg is melting" book, by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber. Get in touch with experienced Associates.

You can research the BetaCodex Network Associate database and get in contact with the Associate(s) you find appropriate to get your questions answered, to find support and a creative mind to help you solve your problem! We are glad to assist you through our network of advisors.