Almost-Free BetaCodex Workshop Days

You are a consultant, an internal or external change agent,
and want to explore the BetaCodex mindset and transformation approach more profoundly?
Then you should become part of a group of peers during an "almost free" workshop day, guided by at least one experienced BetaCodex Network Associate.

This workshop format is aimed at:

- spreading and sharing profound knowledge and mastery with regards to the BetaCodex and organizational transformation

- building and strengthening the network of practitioners

- connecting colleagues who may then serve as co-consultants within client engagements

Almost-Free workshop days are not profit-oriented and are organized alternatively by BetaCodex Network associates or those interested in attending the day. The participant fee for a typical Almost-Free-day may be around USD 200.00 or EUR 200,00, approximately. Workshop languages possible at this point are English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Participants should have a basic knowledge of the BetaCodex "model" and approach, and it should mean more to you than just being a topic for coffee-break small talk.

If you want to participate in and/or co-organize an Almost-Free day, get in touch with Niels Pflaeging,