Major speaking, workshop and discussion topics

Invite a BetaCodex Network Associate as a speaker.

Get a BetaCodex Network Associate for an in-company workshop.

Have a round-table meeting with an impulse input from a BetaCodex Associate.
You will find BetaCodex Network Associates who are fluent in many languages, such as English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Challenging, inspiring and mind-boggling topics for your event may include the following:

  • Bye-bye Management! How to stop managing and start leading
  • The 12 new laws of Leadership. The Codex: Why management is dispensable
  • How to create an Outperformance Organization, based on the BetaCodex
  • The Power of Relative Targets: How to challenge and inspire the talent of your organization without negotiating targets.
  • Leading with Flexible Targets: Creating the New Leadership organization. Now.
  • From buraucratic pyramid to entrepreneurial peach: How to create a networked, decentralized cell structure organization
  • Leadership – Motivation - Compensation: Why incentives de-motivate and what you should do instead
  • Changing compensation systems for ethical behavior and high performance: Why you should get rid of bonuses and incentives
  • Turning your company outside-in: How to build the empowered network organization.
  • Decentralization: Why your organization needs it. How it really works.
  • Beyond Budgeting – a management model for competitive success in the 21st century
  • Making Performance Management Work. From fixed to relative performance contracts,and towards simple, ethical and empowering ways of dealing with performance!
  • Putting the customer 2nd: Why leading organizations put their people first instead, and what that means for your company.
  • Why you don´t need strategy. And how to create flexible and decentralized leadership and processes for paradigm-breaking performance.
  • How to use intuition for a better decision-making culture
  • Strategic communication for change: How to start profound change in your organization
  • BetaCodex Transformation: The way to create meaningful and profound change
  • ...