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Becoming an active, sharing and learning member of the BetaCodex (formerly: Beyond Budgeting) movement has never been so easy. Today, you can become a BetaCodex Network Associate within just a couple of minutes, and with no financial investment whatsoever.

  • There are no membership fees to BetaCodex Network.
  • BetaCodex Network is an open source peer network - so you can not only profit from the movement´s intellectual capital, but also contribute to it.
  • You can easily get in touch with your peers, just by signing up to the website and accessing the virtual forum.
  • You can find experts through the Associate database.
  • You can identify and join real-world events and virtual discussions very easily.
  • You can contribute to BetaCodex Network projects and team up with peers.

You can simply sign up to this website, and it is formally done. But you may also want to to follow these steps for becoming a member, so that you can join the community in a more prepared, and conscious way. First, become aware of your level of interest. This will further facilitate your becoming a part of the community.


Maybe you are one of The Curious.

You are an organization, consultant or individual who is interested in the Beyond Budgeting model and the Network and want to know more about it, but without having an active part in a specific transformation initiative. You want to familiarize yourself with what the BBTN and the model are all about.

We recommend: Join the public online forum. Study the papers, presentations and other resources, read the books and visit public introduction workshops (find the updated international calendar of events on this website) and/or attend a BetaCodex Master Course. Think about ways in which you might contribute to the BetaCodex Network´s activities - with your talent, and/or resources. Once you feel ready, you should become a BetaCodex Network Associate, by signing up to this web portal.

Maybe you are one of The Deeply Interested.

You are an organization or a consultant (company) who is interested in understanding how the Beyond Budgeting model can lead your (clients) organization(s) to sustainable success, without actually dealing with transformation plans for your (clients) organization(s). You want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes and understand the nuts and bolts of the model, and for that are willing to participate in gatherings and conferences with transforming/transformed organizations.

We recommend: Become a BetaCodex Network Associate. You and all interested members of your organization should participate in Beyond Budgeting Master Courses, gain get free access to BetaCodex Network case studies and join internal membership meetings. Think about ways that you can ontribute actively to the peer network. Contribute case experience, resources, and other kinds of knowledge. Set up your own blog on this portal!

Maybe you are A Transformation Enabler.

You are an organization, consultant (company) or individual who is actively involved in a Beyond Budgeting transformation. Beyond Budgeting, for you, is part of your regular business, and not just an interesting subject to think about. You are especially willing to share your experience and knowledge and wish to gain experience and knowledge from true peers of yours.

We recommend: Become a BetaCodex Network Associate. The communit lives from and because of your experiences and insights. Take part in all internal network activities, like case study writing, gatherings, conferences etc. Contribute actively to the network and your peer´s work and gain highly valuable knowledge from your peers.

Maybe you are An Embassador.

You are an organization, consultant (company) or individual who is actively involved in a Beyond Budgeting transformation and/or want to actively support and advance the BetaCodex movement. You are willing to commit yourself publicly to the movement, share your knowledge, resources & reputation with the network and the peers. You want to actively contribute to make the BetaCodex becoming the standard management model. The BetaCodex is more to you than just business. It is your conviction.

We recommend: Become a BetaCodex Network Associate. Get in touch with other Associates to find out how you can contribute most effectively to the network´s work. Upon signing up: Give a good description of your experiences and interests in the Associate profile. This helps others to find you, relate to you, and understand your reputation, talents and capabilities. Then: Join a dialogue. Don´t be passive. This is a peer network. It strives on interaction! Contact other Associates. It is likely that they will not only reply to you, but that we will ask further questions, discuss your interest with you more in-depth, and that we will in some cases arrange a phone conversation or a personal meeting. Other Associates will also ask you to contribute, according to your talents, experience and ambitions. Be prepared to give and share. Not so much financially, but also with your time and passion. You can immediately start participating in the forum, create your own blog on the site, etc. We are looking forward to welcoming you as Associate or Organization Member!


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