The role of the membership

Organizations today are widely driven by insufficient and inhuman command & control structures that are focused on mass production efficiency. Staff, in this model, is primarily seen as mechanic cogs in the machine and consequently leading an organization is perceived as similar to the work of an engineer putting the machine together and maintaining it functionally to keep going.
The result is a lot of management in organizations, and little actual leadership.

The problem is: This 100-year old mindset of governing organizations is totally out of sync with the today´s world and with the people that make up organizations.

Unlike this industrial-age understanding of the world, the BetaCodex is in sync with today´s world and the human beings of the 21st century. The BetaCodex is a coherent, tried and tested alternative to the 20th century management model. There is a small (but growing) number of organizations that have made the fundamental changes needed to gather the prosperity and wealth which can be derived from the new codex. We firmly believe that it needs a broad movement to bring the opportunities and advantages of the BetaCodex to the public and into the hearts and minds of people and decision-makers all around the world.

The BetaCodex Network is this movement. The main responsibility of the BetaCodex Network is to support the world´s need to create ethical, value-generating and sustainable organizations that assure dynamic-robust, attractive and challenging working conditions to human beings, in an increasingly turbulent environment. This is only possible by transforming command & control organizations into BetaCodex organizations. Or by helping organizations to sustain a BetaCodex mindset they may already have developed on their own.


Individual growth for collective growth

The BetaCodex Network stands for a worldwide, fun, mind-boggling and high energy community that gathers organizations of all kinds and individuals, in order to give them a home for their efforts of transforming organizations of all industries, sizes and markets. We want to give our members a place where working together is joy and satisfying. Our basic values are frankness, contribution, self-determination and fun.

Who are we as BetaCodex Network? The network is an international community & movement. An implementers network. A not-for-profit transformation and research collaborative. We believe that BetaCodex Network membership should be ample and wide-spread.
Members are mainly individuals, but also firms and other kinds of organizations can become associates.
Among individual members, independent consultants, academicsa and students are also welcome, of course.


There are two types of membership.

As an open source network, the main membership type of the BetaCodex Network is of the indivudal kind.

Individual members of the BetaCodex Network call themselves “Associates” - they can use this title and the BetaCodex Network Associate logo (downloadable from the online forum) on their print and web communication. The only thing you have to do to become an Associate is to register yourself on this website.

Organizations can hold the title "Organization Member" - they can use this title and the related BetaCodex Network logo in all their communication media as well. To become an Organization Member, you should get in touch with a BetaCodex Associate.
We anticipate that there will be different types of interest among Associates: One that results in a “consuming mostly” attitude. Which is ok. One that results in a “co-developing” attitude. Which is what will really drive the movement. It is up to the member to specify his or her interest and to explain how (s)he will contribute to the movement.

Membership donations are used for joint investments by the network, not for individual income generation of network associates.

In a world still dominated by tayloristic thinking and management, all Associates who have as individuals reached the “Neutral Zone” or the “Beginning”**, are “maverick material”, by nature.

Within the BetaCodex Network, these individuals will be valued and regarded as such, and stimulated to “broadcast”, in the ways they find challenging and appropriate. They should become involved in individual coaching and feedback.