For students - what you can do

You are writing your diploma, master or doctoral theses, a study or paper? We will be happy to support you in your academic work

Downloads on this web porta are the first stepl. There is a great deal of material for download on this site.
Additionally, we might be able to help you with hints, interviews (depending on availability), further articles, or conceptual help.


Getting in touch with Network Associates.

However, if you are thinking about getting in touch with other Associates, please consider two things:

  • Firstly: Be prepared! Read the information on this web site and in the available literature first (like BetaCodex Network white papers, books and articles on the subject)  - maybe your question is already answered here!
  • Secondly: Be specific! Please take care to address us or the community with specific questions, not general ones (such as: “please name advantages and disadvantages of the Beyond Budgeting model”).

You best adress your inquiries to other Associates by sending an email (please not more than one at a time!), or contact messages through this portal, or through writing a message on the forum. A good starting point for posting general questions on thesis and ongoing research is the online message board BetaCodex research.


Setting up an online survey

If you should need an online survey for your academic work with reference to the BetaCodex, the BetaCodex Network will set up and host this survey for you. Please submit for the setup a detailled as possible description of questions, question numbers and their types, because after putting your survey online you will only be able to change texts. Online surveys can generally protected by a password token. Data from your survey can be in return transferred through a csv or SPSS file to you. Generally no charges apply for setting up and hosting a survey for student's academic works.