Collaboration with academic institutions

Since its inception, scientifically robust research has been vital to the BetaCodex, or Beyond Budgeting, movement.

The BetaCodex Network continues the tradition of profound research, exchange of research results, publication for a wider audience, and also that of partnering with academia. The network offers a large variety of collaboration activities and project through its associate network.

Research-based collaboration with the BetaCodex Network should be especially attractive for academic institutions, such as universities. Research projects should be presented, publicized and discussed at all times in the BetaCodex Network online forum, to provide for transparency, the opportunity of support and questioning by the community, and for continuous scrutinizing of all research activities.

Research collaboration might range

  • from support for academic research papers and theses, ...
  • ... primary research projects and case study work...
  • ... to joint publication or studies, academic workshops and presentations.

If you already have specific project in mind, please feel free to access the network's associate database, in order to find suitable associates to support you.


Cooperation & partnerships
Academic institutions that cooperate with the BetaCodex Network will be listed on the network's partner page.