Steps that help your organization to get real!

We usually obseve, that in oder to get real with transformation, within an organization, several steps or moves are required.
Remember: Leadership model transformation, or moving from the Alpha Codex to the Beta Codex, is not an act of

Ways to get real.


Get inspired.

Learn more about the BetaCodex - through books, DVDs, public events, workshops, or this portal.


Get active, and build your personal vision for change

Get involved yourself


Take the discussion inside your organization

Offer others within your organization to learn about the BetaCodex, and transformation


Gather a group of enthusiasts

Get a number of colleagues, or peers from your organization, involved and inspired.
Ask yourself: Whom would I need to...


Invite the top team



Organize a leadership, or transformation workshop.



Learn more about transformational change.

Transformational change is not all that dramatic. It probably requires a totally different approach to "change" than you are used to. And a certain discipline to stick to that approach. A terrific thought leader in outlining and campaigning this fresh approach to profound change is Harvard Business School professor John Kotter, one of the brilliant minds of the speaker circuiit as well. Kotter has authored a large amount of books, and his works "Leading Change", "The Heart of Change", "Our Iceberg is Melting" and "A Sense of Urg

ency" are especiall worthwhile. To get into the mood for transformation, we recommend you to read "Our Iceberg is Melting", at least. This is not only a book which is written in the style of an illustrated fable - it is also one of the key tools for running a transformation initiatives.

The book is also available as an audio book, and in many languages.