The case for transformation

Transformation of the organizational model is probably the ultimate challenge for existing companies that have already adpoted - to one degree or the other - a command and control management model.

We might add - tongue in cheek - that it is also the only thing really worth doing for an Alpha organization! Because: Why meddle with an organizational codex that is deeply flawed? Most organizations have done this for years, or decades, already.

Many thought leaders have put their minds to the challenge of profound change, or transformation. Here is what some of them say:

  • Tom Peters, management über-guru:
    "I don´t know if it can be done. What I know is: It has to be done!"
  • Seneca, Roman philosopher and statesman:
    "It’s not because it’s difficult that we don’t dare to do it: it seems difficult because we don’t dare to do it"
  • Gary Hamel, management guru:
  • John Kotter: change authority:
  • William Bridges, change authority:

The BetaCodex Network's case for transformation

  • The goal of transformation is ambitious: It is the most complex approach to change imaginable. It has been done in the past, but only by some enlightened few. Today, transformation has become independent of such brave figures, as our understanding of the BetaCodex and the approach to transformation has greatly improved. We both know where organizations should had, and how to get there.
  • Our case for change is compelling: Today, we know that the Alpha model is not fit for today´s dynamic and complex markets, nor for Theory-Y human beings that populate our organizations. We also know that organizations based on the BetaCodex are more competetive, and we know how the BetaCodex works.
  • The whole model of the organization must be changed. You cannot approach transformation in bits and pieces. It is essentatial to think transformation as: first a change in mindset, and then a change in behavior.
  • This requires to follow all the steps that are essential to successful transformation. It requires a professional and adequate approach, not just the vision of the BetaCodex. The BetaCodex will not come to life in an organization just by declaration, or by brute force.
  • An incremental approach to improving the "Alpha" model or to getting to the BetaCodex will never succeed. Organizations have tried it - and failed. Transformation is systemic. Full stop.