About the BetaCodex Network: Transforming organizations for sustained superior competitive success

Founded in early 2008, and building upon the pioneering work of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), this new network is different. The BetaCodex Network is focused on transforming organizations, not talking. It is open source. It is inclusive.

This network is taking the BetaCodex - or: "Beyond Budgeting", as it was formerly known - to a new level, by making it real.


The BetaCodex Network´s reason for being.

  • Our Identity: We are the network with answers for organizations in the knowledge economy. The consequent application of our alternative mindset turns these answers into reality.
  • Our Vision: The BetaCodex is the standard organizational codex.
  • Our Mission: The Network helps organizations to transform their management models from command & control (alpha) to beta, in order for them to sustain superior competitive success. The BetaCodex Network is the most important platform for achieving transformation and improving the model.

Read more about our reason for being in the Network´s introductory white paper.

BetaCodex Transformation: Make it real!

Learn about the the BetaCodex, about transformation and the Network´s history. Understand the role of the BetaCodex Network membership. And find out about BetaCodex Network offerings and other content. All on this website.

Please note that this web portal is currently in beta. We invite you to take part in taking the BetaCodex (or: Beyond Budgeting) movement "open source"!

A bit of history: How the BetaCodex Network came to life

The Network was founded in early 2008, after it became apparent over the course of the previous year that the Beyond Budgeting movement urgently needed to change, in order to fulfil the promise of what we then called the "Beyond Budgeting model".

The turning point, or the initiating moment for the BetaCodex Network was a work gathering of Beyond Budgeting Round Table directors in Switzerland, in December 2007. During that meeting, a bold new vision and mission for the BBRT were outlined. The vision was quite simple. It said: "The Beyond Budgeting model is the standard management model." That made sense to everyone at the meeting. The vision was bold. It was clear. It was "true". Several more great ideas for the movement were dashed out during the session. But ultimately, the new vision and mission were rejected by some within the group, due to mostly personal reasons and preferences.

Thus, the meeting resulted in the immediate retirement of Robin Fraser, the "founding father" of the transformation idea, from the BBRT. Gebhard Borck and Niels Pflaeging opted for another direction:
Not out, but in! They wanted this to be the starting point of something new, energizing, and exciting, and not the end.

In response to what had happened at the meeting, they decided to pick up the challenge of the freshly developed vision and mission statement, and to initiate the foundation of a new, international association, seperate from the BBRT. An association that would not only "talk" Beyond Budgeting. But that would, instead, "make it real!".

Between April and December 2008, Gebhard and Niels worked on generating content for the network, based on their previous work and focusing on what they thought could be the starting point for positioning the network. And they tried to solve the riddle of how to take BetaCodex open source. In late 2008, they finally arrived at the conclusion, together with help from peer Andreas Zeuch, that all commercial interest should be rigidly seperated from the network. That BetaCodex Network had to abolish the rather complex membership structure it had previously envisioned. And also the ranks and titles and positions like that of "Director". The network, if it were to be open source, would not need and could not have any formal hierarchy at all. And it shouldn´t be based on membership fees. either. Read more about all this on the other pages in this section. 

The new protal was launched on 1 December 2009. It features a social network community forum and, so we hope, all kinds of tools for interaction necessary to build a global BetaCodex community.