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General information about blogging on his portal

Who can start a blog? Everyone registered as BetaCodex Network Associate to this portal can start a blog.
No special set up is required. A RSS Feed for the blog is included. All blog entries have to conform with the following principles for blogging on this web portal.

Principles for blogging

  • BetaCodex-related - Please consider that all contributions on blogs should be related to the BetaCodex, Transformation, and the BetaCodex Network´s mission and vision.
  • Copyright - Please do not infringe any copyright. The material you post is licenced under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA license of not otherweise noted.
  • Language - Please also consider that the network language is English, and that postings in other language should be identified as contributions in that specific language. Please indicate if possible at the beginning of each new blog title entry in which language it is written, e.g [EN], [DE], [ES] or [PO], or choose the used language from the "Language" box. If you include links or other widgets, please write the blog entry in the same language as the links or the included material is if possible. If you would like to write a single blog entry in several different languages please use the translate option when writing your blog entry. The other language version(s) can then be easily accessed.
  • Advertisement - The blog is no place to advertise your products and services, but you are allowed to inform on new services and products you are offering (which should of course be related to the BetaCodex).
  • Insultments and haressments - Please do not insult any persons, or their work(s).

How to access another user's blog The easiest method to access another user's blog is to select his or hers blog from the "Blog" Button at the top. No registration is required.

If the users blog is not listed here, you can access his or hers blog by accessing his or hers user profile. Please make sure at first that you have logged into this portal. To access a user's profile you can A) Click on his or hers profile wihin any of his or hers forum posts or blog enries. B) You can use the user search to search for the user: First click on "Search":









Then choose "Users", type in the name of the user you are looking for, and finally press "Search": The a list of users who match your search string are displayed and you can choose the user you are looking for:




Each user's blog can be accessed from the user's profile. The link is at the bottom of the profile:
How to receive the RSS adress of a user's blog First access a user's blog as described above. If you are on the blog page of the desired user, dependely on the browser you are using the RSS button is highlighted. Click on it to receive the RSS adress or directly subscribe to it.

How to access your own blog
To access your own blog please make at first sure, that you have logged into this portal. Then click on "My account" to access your own user profile: At the bottom of your own user profile you will find a link to your own blog:










Create a new blog entry

First access your own blog (as decribed above). Then click on "Post new blog entry":

Then enter a title for your blog entry, enter the text itself (pictures and other widgets are currently disabled), and finally press "Save" to publish your blog entry:

Change or delete your blog entries

If you like to modify or delete any of your own blog entry please select it and choose "Edit" at the top: You can now make changes or delete it. If you make changes please do not forget to save at the end. If you like to delete the complete entry please select delete and confirm delete a second time.

Promoting blog entries to the front page

If you place a new post entry within your blog, it will be shown within the "Recent Blog Posts" section on the right side somewhere in the middle. Please mind, that your blog posts currently are not promoted automatically directly to the front page due to abuse issues. If the administrators of this portal find very interesting posts, they will promote it to the front page.