What the network does

In alignment with the BetaCodex Network´s mission to "help organizations to transform their management models from command & control (Alpha) to Beta, in order for them to sustain superior competitive success", the network fundamentally works within four, interdependent areas of activity.


  • Firstly, we jointly develop the model and develop/offer methods (research) and tools. We also do related things, like supporting research projects or university chairs in relevant research.
  • Secondly, we create gravitation/attraction for the model. Worldwide.
  • Thirdly, we offer our members an exchange platform they see value in. The platform will offer shared learning and exchange of methods and tools among peers.
  • Finally, we offer through our network of Associates, transformation resources and support, such as implementation methods, and a wide array of products and web-based tools, a support network, and services/advice – e.g. implementation workshops.

It is also part of the BetaCodex Network´s mission to be "the most important platform for achieving transformation and improving the model." In order to be true to that, we will create an international, open source, and highly interactive network.