User profile

User Account Changes and Contacts

How to make changes within your own user account

To make changes within your user profile please at first make sure that you have logged into the portal and then access your own user profile by clicking on "My Account" at the bottom left corner:

Then click on "Edit" at the top. You can now make changes in various categories which are self-explaining. Please use the red highlighted buttons to navifate between the different categories:

How to add other user to your own contacts

To add other users to your own contacts please access at first the other user's profile e.g. by clicking on a blog entry or forum post or using the search function of this portal to search for users (s. Online Blog for more help to access another user's profile).

To add this user to your contacts either then choose on his or hers profile "Add to friends" or "Become a fan". A "Friend" is a twoway connections which required a confirmation by the other user. A "fan" is a oneway connection without confirmation:

If you choose to add this person to your contacts, you can enter a message if you like. To proceed, you have at least to click on "Save".

Contact Management

To manage you contacts access at first your own profile and then click on the register card "Community":

Then you can access your contact management:

"Following" lists all your oneway contacts, "Friends" shows all your confirmed twoway contacts, "Received" is like an inbox for received twoway contact requests (you should check it regularly!) and "Send" shows all twoway requestd you send. "Followers" lists BBTN Associates that have add your profile to their one-way connections.

Contacts can also be removed from "Friends" or "Following".