How to use the forum

Find here information on the BetaCodex Network's Online Portal. Generally everyone and even unregistered users can view existing posts within the forum. But if you like to take an active parts and post replies and new topics, a registration is required. If files are attached to a forum post a registration is also required to view this file and to download it.

Access to the BetaCodex Network´s online forum:
To access the online forum, select the "Forum" button at the header menu of the website. Everyone can access the online Forum to view posts, so no registration is required. Registration is required, though, to create your own posts.

To access single posts please choose first your category as also your language followed by the post you're interested in;

Reply to existing posts If you would like to reply to existing posts please make at first sure that you logged in. Then choose the post you want to reply. Simply press the "Reply Button" and enter a title and a text. Next click on "Preview". On the preview screen you can finally save your reply by pressing "Save":

Create own new posts If you would like to create new posts please make at first sure that you logged in. To create new posts first select the category and the language your are interest in and then click on the button "New Topic": Then choose a name for your topic, put in the text and press finally "Save" at the bottom of the new post screen":

Edit your own posts You can edit your own posts if you like every time. Make sure that you looged in and then choose your post and then click on the Button "Edit": The next screen looks the same as the "new post" screen. You can edit the title as also the text. Finally press the "Save Button" at the bottom of the page to save your modification(s).