What is Zappos? - BetaCodex case study video

Decalogue Zappos.com company's core values: Much more than make-believe: the guys actually live these principles Zappos’s ten core values show us a good indication of who they are! Notice how iin this video people from Zappos say with satisfaction the Decalogue of the company. This is a beautiful example of a set of values implemented effectively.

Cultura e Valores

“A construção de uma organização tem de estar, acima de tudo, alinhada a seus valores éticos e morais. É básico e assegura à empresa sua sobrevivência, sua reputação e excelentes resultados.”

(DE) Die 2. Auflage von "Führen mit flexiblen Zielen" ist da!

Diese Woche ist etwas Besonderes für mich: Erstmals erscheint eine 2. Auflage eines Buchs von mir. Und in diesem Fall gilt: Neue Auflage - fast ein neues Buch!
Die zweite Auflage des meistverkauften Beyond-Budgeting-Buchs in deutscher Sprache enthält ein neues Kapitel und eine neue Fallstudie (von Zappos.com).

Project management is terrorism - and other "Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter, part IX

The #PMI is a terroristic organization! The nonsense it disseminates & trains harms project work, project workers and economies worldwide

Want to improve? Then eliminate numeric targets, quotas, incentives and Management by Objectives. Replace it all through Leadership.

Hard truths about pay - and other "Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter, part VIII

We´ve all been to school. Most of us thus like to think they know what works in education and what not.Which is silly. Same goes for #change

To create a network of mini-enterprises within a firm (a devolved cell structure) is not so difficult. But it requires REAL leadership.

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