Academic paper on "The Evolution of a Management Accounting Idea: The Case of Beyond Budgeting"

Sebastian Becker of WHU Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management and Martin Messner of HEC Paris have very recently authored an academic paper on the history and evolution of the Beyond Budgeting model. In my views, it is the first such academic analysis that can be considered well-researched, smartly written and relevant.

(PT) "Circulo Virtuoso": Criação sustentada de Valor Superior para organizações do sec. 21

Caros membros do BetaCodex network,

O que eu acredito é que valores tem que refletir nas ações diárias das organizações e representar orientação e critérios para todas as decisões e consequentemente levar as organizações a gerar resultados superiores e sustentáveis.

[DE] Aktuelles Interview mit Niels Pfläging: "Management, wie wir es heute kennen – ein Auslaufmodell?"

Liebe Mitglieder der BetaCodex Community,

anbei finden Sie ein aktuelles Interview mit Niels Pfläging zum BetaCodex, erschienen auf dem Portal "PerspektiveBlau":

Great news for everyone speaking ITALIAN... (and those with a knack for Italy)

Last week, I received the draft layouts for the Italian edition of "Leading with Flexible Targets", from ETAS, the publisher. The book will be published in March or April, and title in Italian will be: "Leadership e obiettivi flessibili. Beyond budgeting: come rivoluzionare il sistema delle performance". Sounds like music to me...

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