"Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter, part II

Honorary mention of McKinsey: the best consulting firm of the 20th century. Period.

Worst Peter Durcker impersonators: Rosbeth Moss-Kanter and Fredmund Malik.

Leaders do NOT turn others into followers. That notion is tayloristic nonsense! Leading is removing barriers to performance, because one CAN

BetaCodex Change Clinics - now available on demand around the world

Most people who become intrigued by the BetaCodex (or "Beyond Budgeting", as it was called before) at some point ask themselves how they might become part of a change effort towards this new way of leading organizations.

"Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter

Strategy swept into organizations once workers were forced to be numb robots. The opposite - Operations - means: You are a non-thinker!

Imagine we all started calling tables not tables, but chairs. That would mean trouble. The same goes for calling management "leadership"

[DE] "Radikal dezentralisierte Führung – Die Verzichtbarkeit von Management", Kolloquium der Universität Wien mit Niels Pfläging (Wien/A)

"7. Colloquium: Radikal dezentralisierte Führung – Die Verzichtbarkeit von Management"
im Rahmen von "Leading at the edge – Führung neu denken",
Das Executive Program der Universität Wien.

Postgraduate Center der universität Wien

Thu, 10/06/2011 - 14:00
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