Paper11 - Org Physics - Explained. How structures work, how they interact, what this means for organizational effectiveness and change

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White Paper
Scientific background
Performance Management
This is our 11th white paper. Probably one of the most significant we have written so far. It has been revised twice since January 2011 and introductory slides have been added. In February 2013, we renamed this paper from "The 3 Structures of an Organization" into "Org Physics - Explained". Hope you like the new title! Please post your comments and inputs!

The BetaCodex Network portal is back!

...and, quite frankly, it is a relief! The site has been offline and then half-available for a couple of weeks, and the tale about this is too silly and too disappointing to be told here. So let´s leave it at this. My thanks go to Valérya, who has been incredibly patient about solving the problems that we faced.

Como a organização "pós-taylorista"pode nascer

Caros membros da rede,

Em uma conversa com um executivo, VP de uma grande organização internacional, ele me fez o seguinte questionamento: Se esse modelo de gestão, Código Beta, é realmente tudo isso que você acabou de mostrar, se ele é o único modelo capaz de criar o círculo virtuoso e gerar valor sustentável superior, porque ele não é adotado por todas as empresas?

Approaching 100 years: The damaging pseudo-science of "Management"

It has been almost 100 years now, since "Management" was instituted, formally, as a "science". The birth date is marked by the publication of Frederick W. Taylor´s landmark book "The Principles of Scientific Management", released back in 1911.

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