What Freud and Taylor have in common - and other "Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter, part XI

S.Freud & F.Taylor have so much in common! Same period of time. Both founders of their fields. Both got doctrines on people completely wrong

Since Taylor´s days, when the foundations of the science of work were laid, little in the field has changed. And those foundations are crap.

"Not So Fast" - an article on taylorism and the invention of management (from New Yorker)

100 years of Death by Efficiency: A great article from the New Yorker on Taylorism and the flaws of (scientific) management: http://t.co/l5wDAKw
("Not So Fast. Scientific management started as a way to work. How did it become a way of life?")

A call for action to CFOs - and other "Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter, part X

CFOs of the world: It is not analysts/funds/investors who "make you" do earnings guidance. Blame yourself for it. (Your firms pay the bill.)

Earnings guidance: inevitably leads to smoothing results, cheating, manipulating accounting figures, invest postponement, eventually fraud

"Planning is not an event" - Peter Drucker

Planning is frequently misunderstood as making future decisions, but decisions exist only in the present. You must have overarching goals that add up to a vision for the future, but the immediate question that faces the organization is not what to do tomorrow. The question is, What must we do today to achieve results?

What is Zappos? - BetaCodex case study video

Decalogue Zappos.com company's core values: Much more than make-believe: the guys actually live these principles Zappos’s ten core values show us a good indication of who they are! Notice how iin this video people from Zappos say with satisfaction the Decalogue of the company. This is a beautiful example of a set of values implemented effectively.
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