Sample chapter: Organize for Complexity - the book

You can download the free sample chapter in English here:

Organize for Complexity - Dawna Jones and Niels Pflaeging talk about organizational transformation

Organize for Complexity: nominated for the UK Management Book of the Year awards

The new BetaCodex book Organize for Complexity is nominated for the British Management Book of the Year awards, in the "Management Futures" category. Take a look a the book´s entry here: And see who the other books in the competition are:

Organize for Complexity - Luc Galoppin interviews Niels Pflaeging about the new book

Organize for Complexity - the book is out, worldwide!

This is the time to celebrate: The first book on the BetaCodex in English is out:

Organize for Complexity - How to Get Life Back Into Work to Build the High-Performance Organization

This is a book about complexity and work - and about how to deal productively with both.
A condensed introduction to the theory and practice of organizational high performance.

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