[DE] "Sondertreffen zu agiler Unternehmenskultur und -werten", mit Impulsvortrag von Niels Pfläging, organisiert von Agile Usergroup Rhein-Main (Wiesbaden/D)

Sondertreffen zu agiler Unternehmenskultur und -werten am 8. November in Wiesbaden

//SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH, Kirchgasse 6 / LuisenForum
65185 Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Anmeldung und Infos über Xing:


Thu, 11/08/2012 - 19:30 - 21:30

Let´s work on the BetaCodex Network´s next white paper together: #GetRidOfHR

Dear friends and colleagues, while our recent "special edition" white papers on Cell Structure Design and Organizing for Complexity are attracting more wide-spread attention, I would like to propose a topic for our NEXT joint white paper.

Being part of a larger movement: connections and contributions

It appears that our network has been discovered by a larger audience, lately. Which is a nice thing to observe. The "agile community" has certainly warmed up to the BetaCodex, as has the Stoos Network, of which some of as now have been part for a couple of months.

Looking for co-organizers - THE ALMOST-FREE BETACODEX SEMINAR

I am looking for CO-ORGANIZERS for a workshop format that I ran twice in Germany this year - called "The Almost-Free BetaCodex Seminar".

Some information about the format:

1-day seminar for consultants & peers (The Netherlands/NL)

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