[ES] "¿Y si el Management fuera innecesario?", keynote & discussion with Niels Pflaeging (Barcelona/ES)

¿Y si el Management fuera innecesario? – charla de Niels Pflaeging en la UPC

Organizar la Complejidad del siglo XXI
¿Y si el Management fuera innecesario?

Niels Pflaeging, fundador del BetaCodex Network, nos propone una charla altamente interactiva centrada en:

- La esencia del “management” y sus consecuencias para el mundo del trabajo de hoy

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 17:00 - 20:00

Heroes - the 2nd trailer. Do you recognize these heroes?

Heroes - trailer no. 1. New BetaCodex white paper. Coming 14.2.13

Handelsbanken publishes 2012 results today

I often talk about Handelsbanken´s pioneering "beta codex" organization model. Today, Handelsbanken published the 2012 results: it is their 40th year running with higher profitability than competitors.

White paper face-lifts and updates

We took some time this week to give the BetaCodex Network white papers a well-deserved face-lift, and also updating some of them. When we began to write the papers, back in 2007 and 2008, we could not have imagined how wide-spread visual social networks such as slideshare, or Issuu would become.

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