Foundations of the BetaCodex

The main driver of the rising of the new organizational model that we call the BetaCodex (formerly: the Beyond Budgeting model) is today´s ever-changing world:
Today´s dynamics and uncertainty defy industrial-age wisdom of "management" and organizational design.
The 100-year old notions of managing do not support today´s critical success factors (which are more varied and different than in the industrial age) and the command-and-control management model.

The BetaCodex itself is supported by two pillars.
Firstly, by sciences and thought leaders from fields as varied as complexity theories and HR management.
Secondly, it is supported by practice - through pioneering organizations of varying history, size, cultural background, and from vastly different industries.

The case for change is so compelling today, because now, both theory from different sciences, and practice from pioneering organizations which are leaders in their respective fields, come together - and in one, robust organizational theory, that is the BetaCodex.

On the following pages, you can read more about the foundations of the BetaCodex: Where it comes from, how it works, and what it means for organizations of all kinds.