Public seminars on the BetaCodex and BetaCodex Transformation

In the recent past, BetaCodex Associates have been working with many seminar organizers, internationally, such as ZfU (Switzerland), UniStrategic (South East Asia), Harvard Business Review Poland, Harvard Business Review Latin America, and many others.

But, admittedly, we have often found it hard to secure stronger ties with seminar organizers, as most of them are used to offer "bread and butter" training topics to their clients, such as "Balanced Scorecard", "Body language" and "How to convince others", instead of offering more innovative, change- and action-oriented themes. Such as the BetaCodex, or BetaCodex Transformation.

Working with seminar organizers

So if you are interested in attending a seminar, and have business ties with a seminar or training firm, then we recommend you to get in touch with them and ask them to organize a seminar on the BetaCodex, thus representing the voice of the market. We can then team up with that company, to design a seminar that is suited to your needs, and to those of the market segment you might represent.


Self-organized seminars or events organized by BetaCodex Network Associates

Another way to run a seminar on the BetaCodex is to organize one on your own (open or in-house), or to ask a fellow BetaCodex Network Associate to organize one for you, tailoring it to suit your needs.

It is likely that many Associates will be glad to assist you.


More about possible formats

Seminars on the BetaCodex can obvious vary greatly, in terms of format.
You may hold seminars of half a day (4 hours) minimum, up to three days length (around 24 working hours) maximum.
Seminars might vary from between 5 to 50 participants. In seminars for a larger amount of participants, e.g. from 12 upwards, BetaCodex Associates will frequently make use of large-group techniques, to intensify the learning experience. Examples for this are the "Museum" method, and the "Knowledge TurnTable" method developed by Gebhard Borck, which are also frequently used in transformation initiatives.

If you aim at organizing a seminar of about 3 days duration, then you might find be interested in learning more about BetaCodex Master Courses as a possible format. On the Master Course page, you will find more information about that learning concept.


Past events

Find below photos from selected seminars and workshops that might give you an idea of different events held in the recent past.