BetaCodex "On the Fly!"

Does this describe your situation?

You want to explore the BetaCodex mindset profoundly, but you don't want to attend any meetings or be distracted in group settings.

You want to become an expert on BetaCodex, but without creating any waves within your organization beforehand.

You want to learn, while you are working in your firm, and test the BetaCodex mindset and its consequences, while you are doing your day-to-day work.

If you want to know the nuts and bolts about the mindset and don't have the time or freedom to be part of a group process, then our coaching program BetaCodex "On the Fly!" is the right format for you.


On the Fly! is the on-the-job consulting approach for boards and individuals

Unlike other management concepts, the BetaCodex is neither a tool, nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a model, and a mindset. This mindset rests upon a set of 12 laws, or principles, that help you master everyday problems as well as key challenges for sustained wealth-creation, such as: innovation, investment, risk and quality, or making decisions with a long-term impact.

Principles, differently than rules, don't solely apply to known problems. Principles are highly effective, even in the face of yet-unknown, future problems. This is because principles can be adopted to whatever situation, as it occurs. Principles are guidelines that help you testing whether your envisioned actions are aligned with your mental model, or not. Principles help you to solve problem within your mental model. Understanding the difference between principles, and rules is crucial to making BetaCodex real: The principles of the model apply to any firm and to any situation you will encounter in your work. Anywhere. At all times.

Beyond the principles, On the Fly! will introduce you to a bunch of tried an tested methods, tools and settings. As an On the Fly!” client, you will have access to the full scope of the BetaCodex Network´s unique “Master Course” series. The advice will, of course, be totally tailored to your needs.


On the Fly! means:

  • Get a qualified BetaCodex Network Associate on-site.
  • You will work together intimately and regularly with that advisor, in an intense exchange about day-to-day work challenges and alternative new organizational skills. The work relationship will normally take around 6 to 18 months.
  • The package includes live meetings, as well as unlimited virtual access (telephone and email). The format´s aim is to make you fit in the BetaCodex mindset, enabling you to lead your organization to sustained wealth creation.
  • During the "On the Fly!" program, you will become a true BetaCodex expert yourself and a champion in using the mindset for your organization.

Who should be interested:

  • You are a top manager, president, company owner or leader from any kind of industry and a small or medium sized company.
  • You have a serious interest in knowing “how deep the rabbit hole goes“. In other words: in understanding the nuts and bolts of what the BetaCodex has to offer to you and adopt it in your organization.
  • You have a basic knowledge of the model, and it means more to you than just being a topic for coffee-break small talk.

Check details and subjects in our brochure and get in contact with Associates to board the process.