BetaCodex "Live Tryout!"

Does this describe your situation?

You want to get a first grasp at the BetaCodex mindset.
You want to embed BetaCodex thinking into a project, or a real-life problem from within your organization.
But you don´t yet want to create a BetaCodex project, nor encounter the conditions to dedicate much time to the topic alone.
You are interested in the BetaCodex, but don´t want to make a big deal out of it.

If this is the situation you are in, then you should consider trying the "Live Tryout!" format.


Live Tryout! means:

  • Applying Beyond Budgeting principles to an existing problem or project within your organization.
  • Inviting one or more BetaCodex Network Associates to join a work session or project meeting within your organization, which is dedicated to that problem or project. The session may take between half a day or two days.
  • BetaCodex Network Associates helping the people in your organization who are part of the team to become acquainted with BetaCodex thinking, with a different way of dealing with problems and theory, and with finding solutions within the BetaCodex mindset.
  • Setting up an action list ("consequence list"), which your organization then may or may not implement. The decision is up to your team.

No seperate, specific meetings or workshops are required. Live Tryout! is inserted into your existing work environment. It offers you a "live" experience of how BetaCodex works.

Get in touch with Associates of your choice to evaluate how Live Tryout! can work for you.