BetaCodex Network online diagnostic

The diagnostic is an important ongoing project for the BetaCodex Network.

For business owners, boards, leaders and organization members in general, it is important to find out where they and their organizations stand, compared to the principles of the BetaCodex. We wish to provide an online diagnostic tool which enables any kind of user, and any kind of organization, to generate a personal or a group diagnostic by using a free, online questionnaire. The diagnostic is conceived to be accessible to the general audience - without cost.

We have a clear idea about the results but the concept has not yet been fully developed. We have evaluated several open source tools which can be used to create the online questionnaire. Among the BetaCodex Associates, we already have the ability to create the questionnaire (e.g. using LimeSurvey), but we need additional resources to program the reporting engine, including the mathematical operations within the database.

We welcome both financial donations and skilled web application developers capable of programming the reporting engine, including pdf export and mathematical operations within the database. 
If you wish to support this project, please get in touch with associates Valérya Carvalho or Niels Pflaeging.