Worth taking a look at: European Organisation Design Forum, EODF

Today joined the European Organisation Design Forum, EODF. Join its 2nd conference: May 11-12 2012, Vevey/CH -
Looking forward to see you at that conference!
Also, please note there are still vacant spots at the ALMOST-FREE BETACODEX SEMINAR in the Netherlands, on 19 April.

About the difference between "Extrinsifiers" and "Intrinsifiers" - Video in German

Brand new video interview recorded in New York - in German language, though. Here, I talk about the difference between Alpha and Beta organizations from a motivational point of view - thus distinguishing between "Extrinsifiers" and "Intrinsifiers". Experts among you will also catch a glimpse of Bryant Park in Manhattan... Director and editor: Lars Vollmer.

New paper "Organize for Complexity" - call for action

A new BetaCodex Network white paper is taking shape: "Organize for Complexity". To preview, opinionate & contribute, download the PowerPoint file:
I am looking forward to your feedback!

[DE] Neues aus der Beta-Welt. Magnus Uggla, Handelsbanken: „Jeder Bankenzyklus hat uns stärker gemacht“

Aktuelles, recht informatives Interview mit. Magnus Uggla, Regional Director bei Handelsbanken, im Handelsblatt: „Jeder Bankenzyklus hat uns stärker gemacht“

Frequently asked question: Who are the pioneers of the BetaCodex?

I am often (very often!) asked about the companies that have been pioneering the BetaCodex, internally, for a while. What are the cases that one can resaerch to learn about the practicalities of Beta? The answer is: There is quite a bunch of cases we now know of.

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