New article: From fixed to relative performance contracts

How to drive dynamic decision-making and action: From fixed to relative performance contracts - a new article:

How Google Works - presentation slides by Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt of Google, a company that we have long considered a BetaCodex pioneer, explains key organizational principles at work at the firm. It´s beautifully illustrated, and very well worded.

How to run a conference that´s engaging, energizing and self-organized, ...

... without boring keynotes nor a fixed agenda?
We ran just such a conference in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and you can see the photo documentation on Facebook now.

Forthcoming: EODF 2014 conference "Innovation in Organisation Design", Amsterdam

Dear all, I highly recommend participation in EODF´s 2014 annual conference, of which I am a co-organizer.
This is a full-fledge Open Space conference - which means there will be no traditional "speakers" and keynotes, but lots of self-organization, and that everyone (!) can propose topics and sessions.

Sample chapter: Organize for Complexity - the book

You can download the free sample chapter in English here:

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