Services for organizations that want to go Beta - or learn more about it.

From peer to peer. Whatever your situation. Whatever your current knowledge about the BetaCodex (formerly: the Beyond Budgeting model). Whatever your organizaton looks like today:
The BetaCodex Network is the place where you can find answers, solutions, and help.
From peer to peer.

Through the community, you should be able to find the right, practical support to take you to another level. Because it is here that practitioners, experts and advisors gather. You may just have heard about the BetaCodex for the first time - or you may already be convinced that this is for you: Within the Network, there is surely something on offer to help you get real!

One important note first: Please always remember that the BetaCodex Network is not a consulting firm, nor a for-profit business. It is a not-for profit, open source network and community and thus does not offer advisory services itself. You may want to think of it as a hub, in which to connect to people who care, and who can offer solutions to your problems, and answers to your questions.
The BetaCodex Network offers community, and thus formats and platforms for interaction, learning and connecting. Because the network does not offer any services itself, the services described on the pages in this section will never be executed by the BetaCodex Network, but by consultants or other peers that may be BetaCodex Network Associates.

We have learned that it is crucial for organizations learning about or approaching BetaCodex transformation to understand the possible formats through which to make steps ahead. Within the movement, many different formats for advancement have been developed, with input from BetaCodex Network Associates and also from BBRT directors and members (the BBRT being the association that initially founded the Beyond Budgeting movement, back in 1998).

What the BetaCodex does is to provide you with a platform to find the support you need from our Associates. The overview over the portfolio of support services by the network´s associated consultants and experts should serve you to identify your needs, to get acquainted with state-of-the-art service formats that work, and to find the right kind of Associate to help you.


BetaCodex Network Membership

You want to learn about the BetaCodex. You want to be part of a community of practitioners and gain insights from a variety of sources and people within the BetaCodex movement. If this is your situation, then you should register yourself on this webste and get full access to all information, the online forum and connect to other members.


What works.

All the formats described here are the result of real-world change processes and actual requirements from our clients.
We haven't invented these formats out of the blue, for them to fit into a market.
True to the BetaCodex itself, we have instead reacted to the forces of "market pull", then developing solutions for these real-world situations.

Over time, while working with clients, we came up with a couple of formats that really work. If you don't know how to approach your situation or have a special situation that doesn't fit to the other settings described, then our BetaCodex transformation advisory services are probably what you need. Research the BetaCodex associate database and get in contact with the Associate(s) you find appropriate to get your questions answered, to find support and a creative mind to help you solve your problem!

Service formats

On the following pages,
you will find information about support formats that we believe make sense. Such as:

  • BetaCodex "Live Tryout!"
  • BetaCodex "On the Fly!"
  • BetaCodex Master Courses
  • BetaCodex "Leadership for Transformation" workshops, and
  • Transformation Advisory

If you have any questions, or if you want to book a service rightaway, then please access the BetaCodex Associate database and search for the right individual or company to help you. You may also get in touch with the Associates acting as service coordinators. They will be glad to assist you as consultants, or indicate consultants that may help you.