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BetaCodex book in Korean: "Un-Leadership"

The first book on the BetaCodex in Korean language was published in November: It is entitled (a little erratically) "Un-Leadership".
This is the translation into Korean of my book "Die 12 neuen Gesetze der Führung", published in German in 2009.
You can buy the book online here: http://book.interpark.com/product/BookDisplay.do?_method=detail&sc.shopN...

Why managing costs actually drives up costs

Central to traditional, scale-based management thinking is cost. The idea is: control costs, drive it down, then results will go up. But, paradoxically, managing costs actually causes costs. British business writer Simon Caulkin (formerly at The Guardian) wrote a powerful article explaining how cost management drives up cost last April.

Jeremy Hope, BBRT co-founder and author, 1948-2011

Jeremy Hope, co-founder of the Beyond Budgeting movement, passed away on 26 Sep, aged 63. He will be remembered, I am sure, as one of the conceptual fathers of 21st century Leadership.

[DE] In eigener Sache: Amazon-Rezensionen

Liebe Kollegen, Freunde und Portalbesucher, hier eine Bitte in eigener Sache: Mein gerade in Neuauflage erschienenes Buch "Führen mit flexiblen Zielen" und mein letztes Buch "Die 12 neuen Gesetze der Führung" - beide dürstet es nach kompetenten Rezensionen! Der Grund: Rezensionen auf Amazon.de werden immer wichtiger für die Buch-Reputation.

On bribing poor and bribing rich - and other "Beta" insights I recently posted on Twitter, part XII

#Change clue: Most assume groups change when a #target or #strategy is set. They´re wrong. 1st, build a SHARED sense of urgency. THEN vision

A firm with no understanding of value creaton & mediocre profits has ONLY BAD options: Fake; buy/sell something; cut costs; restructure. #HP

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