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Spotlight on: Gareth Morgan, organization and learning visionary

I am currently reading the works of Gareth Morgan, who became famous for his book "Images of Organization". Morgan teaches at Schulich Business School in Toronto, Canada, and also created an eLearning company called NewMIndSets.

BetaCodex white papers - now also on Issuu

All BetaCodex Network white papers are now also available on the social networking media portal Issuu. The advantage: the visualization is outragingly beautiful - very glossy, comfortable and pretty. Try, for instance, our latest paper "Organize for Complexity, part 2", here: http://goo.gl/FLBpJ.

Worth taking a look at: European Organisation Design Forum, EODF

Today joined the European Organisation Design Forum, EODF. Join its 2nd conference: May 11-12 2012, Vevey/CH - http://www.organisationdesignforum.eu
Looking forward to see you at that conference!
Also, please note there are still vacant spots at the ALMOST-FREE BETACODEX SEMINAR in the Netherlands, on 19 April.

About the difference between "Extrinsifiers" and "Intrinsifiers" - Video in German

Brand new video interview recorded in New York - in German language, though. Here, I talk about the difference between Alpha and Beta organizations from a motivational point of view - thus distinguishing between "Extrinsifiers" and "Intrinsifiers". Experts among you will also catch a glimpse of Bryant Park in Manhattan... Director and editor: Lars Vollmer.

New paper "Organize for Complexity" - call for action

A new BetaCodex Network white paper is taking shape: "Organize for Complexity". To preview, opinionate & contribute, download the PowerPoint file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51970342/NewPaper1.pptx
I am looking forward to your feedback!

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