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Being part of a larger movement: connections and contributions

It appears that our network has been discovered by a larger audience, lately. Which is a nice thing to observe. The "agile community" has certainly warmed up to the BetaCodex, as has the Stoos Network, of which some of as now have been part for a couple of months.

White paper update

Our much-lauded hit paper "Organize for Compexity, Pt.1+2" earned a well-deserved update with improved text and design: http://www.betacodex.org/node/1316. Take a look!
Illustrations in this paper are used with kind permission by Jurgen Appelo, www.noop.nl

Looking for co-organizers - THE ALMOST-FREE BETACODEX SEMINAR

I am looking for CO-ORGANIZERS for a workshop format that I ran twice in Germany this year - called "The Almost-Free BetaCodex Seminar".

Some information about the format:

1-day seminar for consultants & peers (The Netherlands/NL)

Top 10 of BetaCodex presentations/papers, based on no. of views on Slideshare

#1: Turn Your Company Outside-In! A paper on cell structure design, part I (BetaCodex08)

#2: Turn Your Company Outside-In! A paper on cell structure design, part II (BetaCodex09)

#3: Making Performance Management Work (BetaCodex10)

Paper translations into languages other than English

Hi all! It´s summer time for many of us, but I am delighted that a couple of cool things are going on within our community. One cool thing is that Louis Dietvorst from The Netherlands suggested to translated our latest power white paper "Organize for Complexity" into Dutch.

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