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Stoos Connect - live on the web!

Arrived in Amsterdam for my talk at Stoos Connect tomorrow - 25 January. Stoos Connect will be streamed live on the internet and features speakers such as Dank Pink, Roger Martin and myself. My talk wiil be on Why Management is Dispensable. Tune in at 15:00 CET! http://stoosconnect.nl/live

Podcast on "Bye-bye Management" from Agile NYC

Check out the brand new podcast with Joe Krebs and Niels Pflaeging on "Bye-bye Management" - which was recorded for Agile NYC: http://www.incrementor.com/agilenyc/media/podcasts/agilenyc_episode70.m4a

Let´s work on the BetaCodex Network´s next white paper together: #GetRidOfHR

Dear friends and colleagues, while our recent "special edition" white papers on Cell Structure Design and Organizing for Complexity are attracting more wide-spread attention, I would like to propose a topic for our NEXT joint white paper.

Being part of a larger movement: connections and contributions

It appears that our network has been discovered by a larger audience, lately. Which is a nice thing to observe. The "agile community" has certainly warmed up to the BetaCodex, as has the Stoos Network, of which some of as now have been part for a couple of months.

White paper update

Our much-lauded hit paper "Organize for Compexity, Pt.1+2" earned a well-deserved update with improved text and design: http://www.betacodex.org/node/1316. Take a look!
Illustrations in this paper are used with kind permission by Jurgen Appelo, www.noop.nl

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