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May: New Beyond Budgeting books in RU and PT

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[DE] Theorie und Wahnsinn

Es gibt verschiedene wissenschaftbereiche auf der Welt, da gibt es eine dominierende Theorie. Und diese Theorie schliesst andere Theorien aus. Die "anderen" Theorien, die gegenläufig sind zur dominanten, aktuellen Theorie, sind "falsch".
Ein Beispiel: Das heliozentrische Weltbild - das besagt: Die Planeten des Sonnensystems kreisen um die Sonne.

William Davidson - Beyond Budgeting visionary (1922-2009)

Before his death on March 13, 2009, William Davidson was Chairman, President and CEO of Guardian Industries Corp., a company of 19,000 employees located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Since Bill Davidson took the helm at Guardian, in 1957, he would lead the company from a crisis facing possible extinction, through and beyond bankruptcy, and eventually to tremendous success, worldwide expansion, and international recognition as a highly innovative leader in its market.

Projects: Beyond Budgeting 3D Flash Simulator

We are looking for both technical and financial support for an exciting development project that we have coined "Beyond Budgeting 3D Flash Simulator".
This project is about developing an online computer simulation slash game slash movie in Flash format that will allow to visualize the transformation from a traditional, hierarchical command-and-control organization to a Beyond Budgeting cell structure network. Visually. And interactively.

The simulator is intended to be accessible to the general audience - without cost - as an online gadget or widget.

BBTN white papers: Musings...

It sometimes makes you wonder.
All right, the web is wonderful.
And most of the things that I have been doing since 2001 or so, when I discovered Beyond Budgeting on the web, would simply not have been possible without internet and email and everything around it. Including writing my books, researching, getting involved with peers within the movement, online networking...

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