Organize for Complexity - the book in German!

In a few days, the new book "Organisation für Komplexität" will be available for sale in bookstores and wiht internet vendors such as Amazon.de.
You can pre-order copies of the book and read more about it on the book´s hotsite:

Forthcoming: New book "Organize for Complexity"

Our white paper Organize for Complexity has been a hit with readers for quite a while. Today, it counts more than 22.000 views on Slidehsare (www.slideshare.net/npflaeging/special-edition-paper-organize-for-complex...). And that´s just the English language version. A few weeks ago, the French version got published, and that already attracted some 5.000 viewers.

“Management belongs onto the garbage heap of history!” - an interview with Niels Pflaeging

Today´s organizations, by and large, are in a mess. Our societies, economies and markets have changed, but companies and the way we organize work overall, haven’t: Organizations are still based on beliefs, design principles and methods inherited from the industrial age. Managers assume employees cannot be trusted.

What org physics are good for

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

Why does cost management drive up cost?
Why do orgs waste up to 50% of energy and resources?
Why´s a 1-hr coffee break better than a 100hs training?
Why do they ask "5 x Why" at Toyota?
What makes Google, Toyota, Gore, Southwest and dm special?
Why is matrix structure a joke?
Why are managers often clueless?

Podcast: "Management: a Zombie Technology!" with Niels Pflaeging

New podcast with Niels Pflaeging by Dawna Jones.
Click here: http://www.management-issues.com/2013/3/21/podcast/is-management-a-zombi...

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