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[EN] Video: "Leading by Omission" (Semco)

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[EN] Video: "Nurturing a Vibrant Culture to Drive Innovation" (W.L. Gore and Associates)

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"Our iceberg is melting" books - Which is your favorite language?

John Kotter's change fable has been translated into various languages. Which is your favorite language?


  • "Our Iceberg is melting": John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber


  • "Das Pinguin Prinzip.": John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber


    [EN] Research Project Tender Offer

    This research project can be conducted within an university project or an academic thesis, but is is also open for non-university researchers and research communities. It is appreciated that the research results are made completey available on a “free-of-charge” basis to the Beyond-Budgeting-Movement.

    The referred to organizations (The Danaher Group and the subsidiary Kollmorgen) are firstly pulled together with Beyond Budgeting, the cell structure concept or Management 2.0.

    Referring Organizations

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