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Paper pre-announcement: FAVI version 1.2

Dear readers,

with the set up of the new Beta Codex Network webportal we would like to make our first donation to the network. We are proud to contribute soon the first beta codex pioneer case study in English ever. It will be a completely revised version of our older Beyond Budgeting Case Study "Favi".

The paper will feature:

New primary research project: Strukton (the Netherlands)


This research project can be conducted within an university project or an academic thesis, but is is also open for non-university researchers and research communities. It is appreciated that the research results are made completely available on a “free-of-charge” basis to the Beyond-Budgeting-Movement.

About Strukton

Beyond Budgeting Country Focus - the Netherlands

Compared to other countries, the Netherlands may be a small country, but surprisingly does feature a long Beyond Budgeting history thanks to the efforts of mainly Prof. Dr. Andre de Waal. From 1999 - 2007 he has conducted several primary research studies in the Netherlands, has published several articles in Dutch Controlling magazines and three Dutch books, and set up a Dutch online Beyond Budgeting diagnostic (the Beyond Budgeting Entry Scan (BBES)). Today Prof. Dr. Andre de Waal departed from the Beyond Budgeting mindset and focuses on research on the “High performance organization”.

Beyond Budgeting in the Netherlands

According to Beyond Budgeting, customers pull.
So what happened when a Dutch student recently asked my for advice for a bachalor thesis? I decided to do some research on Beyond Budgeting in the Netherlands on my own. The Netherlands have a long "Beyond Budgeting history" - from the early beginnings of the Beyond Budgeting movement in 1998 and 1999 there has been a strong interest in the topic within the country. So in the next days I am going to release a new paper with a country-specific focus.

[EN] Video: "Flight of the Buffalo"

In the 31 min video "Flight of the buffalo" former Johnsonville CEO Ralph Stayer and James Belasco share their experiences of three American cases (Owens & Minor, Furon Company and the U.S. Naval Supply Depot in San Diego) making mainly the Beyond Budgeting's leadership principles real. The complete video can be viewed free of charge after registration directly at trainingABC.com or can alternatively be ordered as DVD: http://www.trainingabc.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16781 .

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