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Of Oceans and Jungles - A Story of Two Worlds

“If you want people to build a boat, make them long for the sea. Don’t talk to them about tools, budgets, or plans. But rather, make them feel your passion for the sea” Antoine de St-Exupéry


Sumantra Ghoshal's Article "Bad Management Theories are Destroying Good Management Practices"

I would like to draw your attention to this interesting article from Sumantra Ghoshal, which was published posthumously in 2005.

In this article Sumantra Ghoshal describes the self-fulfilling prophecy caracteristic of our management models. In my opinion it is a strong case for a more humane approach to modern economics.

The earth is flat, elephants are carnivores and budgets are necessary for managing a company.

You disagree, fully or partially? 2000 years respectively 250 years ago the former two statements were conventional wisdom, the latter still is. Aufklärung made it possible that more and more people realized that their knowledge from the past needed updating. However, Aufklärung does not come for free. It means that everyone has to invest a lot of time to learn, to ask questions, to be skeptical. It means that everyone should not be satisfied with the solutions presented by someone else, such as media, governments or any other "big shot".

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