Welcome to the open source movement for organizational transformation!

The BetaCodex Network was founded in April 2008. Back then, we called it the Beyond Budgeting Transformation Network, with a nod to the think tank from which it had very recently originated - the Beyond Budgeting Round Table. We wanted this new network to be quite different from the previous one, though. Less hierarchical. More future- and action-oriented.

Sample chapter: Organize for Complexity - the book

You can download the free sample chapter in English here:

Organize for Complexity - Dawna Jones and Niels Pflaeging talk about organizational transformation

Organize for Complexity: nominated for the UK Management Book of the Year awards

The new BetaCodex book Organize for Complexity is nominated for the British Management Book of the Year awards, in the "Management Futures" category. Take a look a the book´s entry here: http://yearbook.managers.org.uk/management-futures/organize-complexity. And see who the other books in the competition are: http://yearbook.managers.org.uk/management-futures

Organize for Complexity - Luc Galoppin interviews Niels Pflaeging about the new book